Executive Coaching

“I consider my coaching experience with Breakwater Consulting to be one of the best gifts that I ever received in life.”

~ Vice-President, E-Commerce and Revenue, Hospitality Industry

Executive Coaching

Breakwater Consulting has developed a line of values-based Coaching Services that provides executives with the opportunity to assess their current situation, role and performance leading them to having greater personal impact while happily increasing theirs and the company’s productivity and bottom line. Coaching assignments have included issues related to:

  • How to rally the resources of the team during turbulent times and business transitions
  • New leaders stepping into elevated roles and providing guidance through necessary shifts
  • Career decisions and strategies
  • Mobilizing organization resources to create a more holistic and strategic environment
  • Managing politics and emotions of leadership changes and the consequential shifts in role
  • Values-based alignment of personal and career goals and objectives

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