Reboot Break™ Programs

“Talk about discovery! Reboot Your Life gives the inspiration, insight, and practical tips to take a work break for a breather or a real life change.” – Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Discovery Communications



No employer wants to lose their best talent permanently due to burnout, stress or a desperate need for a break. Companies today are seeking ways to save money and retain their talent through these turbulent times as well as good times. Reboot Your Life programs are based on years of research – speaking to companies of all sizes from Intel to Randomhouse – and discovering the secret weapon used by hundreds of companies: Reboot Breaks.

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Reboot programs are a solution that can save money in severance packages or recruiting costs when having to replace employees – while also increasing productivity of key talent.  Reboot Break programs can be structured in many ways.  We have identified models and best practices used by successful companies that other smart companies can take advantage of.  Reboot Your Life programs are an internal career management and development tool for a wide range of employees and can easily be linked to a company’s already existing internal career management programs.  We provide consulting to organizations to design programs that fit their financial and operational needs.

Corporate Offerings:

  • Reboot Break Program Architecture for Retention and Employee Re-Engagement
  • Reboot Your Life™ Program is designed to support your organization in a variety of ways (2 Day Program)
    1. Retain and develop key talent.  Can be linked to existing time off programs
    2. Leadership development and succession planning
    3. Revitalize careers of long-tenured employees
    4. Support decision-making around Early Retirement and Voluntary Separation options
  • Pre-and Post-Reboot Break Supportive Program (Half-Day Program)
  • Reboot Your Career™ – for short tenured employees who need a boost and clarity about where they are and where they are headed (One Day Program)

For more information about Reboot Your Life programs and resources for corporations, contact us, or visit the Reboot Your Life website.