Team Beat™

“Team Beat™ was a wonderfully innovative approach that never used predictable consultant-speak.  At the end of the off-site our high-level executives had become a solidified team.  We had a blast with the program and it brought fantastic results!” 



Helping a team find its own rhythm

Teambeat™ is a new and creative solution for building and enhancing team effectiveness.  Through training, research, and experience, Breakwater has created this unique and flexible model which can be applied to a wide-range of team and organizational development needs.  By harnessing the power of rhythm, this high-energy program is designed to motivate individuals, align leaders and their teams, and enhance team effectiveness.

Increasing scientific research points to the ability of rhythm and music to change our individual and collective approaches.  Because of its effect on the brain and behavior, the Teambeat™ program has a powerful impact:

  • Increases receptivity to change
  • Shifts thinking from the left side of the brain to the right side
  • Enables collaboration and more open communication
  • Reduces tension and stress
  • Boosts imagination and energy

Breakwater has successfully delivered the Teambeat™ program to a wide-range of companies including the music, financial, and fashion industries.  Teambeat™ is not only fun and entertaining but leads to concrete team change and business results.

In partnership with nationally-known drummer Michael Markus and Wula Drum, Breakwater is able to create a culturally unique experience using professional guidance and high-quality instruments.

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