Team Building

“Breakwater Consulting encouraged creative thinking amongst the team and we were able to move quickly out of the stand-still the organization was faced with.” ~ National Vice-President of Retail Sales, Luxury Brand Company

Team Building


Our team building programs are designed to address a wide range of business needs including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Merging of two cultures
  • Aligning team with strategy
  • Enhancing effectiveness of cross-functional teams
  • Resolving conflict
  • Celebration of successes

Our team building programs are all highly customized and range from half-day programs to three day retreats. A wide range of assessment tools are used to identify differences in styles, assuring that we facilitate learning and understanding. All of our programs are engaging, high energy and highly participatory. They are fun, yet practical, making sure that there is real application back to the workplace.

Team Beat – Using music and drumming as a creative methodology, this program unifies groups through experiencing their own team rhythm.  The results are dramatic, profound, and inspiring, and enable team problem-solving and decision making.

Strategic Planning Off-Sites  Customized and designed for the unique culture and needs of an organization and its employees, our Off-sites aim to align all aspects of the business towards a common goal and vision.