Breakwater Consulting

The image of the Breakwater represents our purpose: To provide a safe haven for individuals & companies, and offer resources designed to aid in the return to the realities of the everyday.

Breakwater Consulting is a leading professional development firm specializing in a broad range of consulting services that support your organization’s change and growth.  Let us help you harness the abilities of your workforce to produce great results through both good and turbulent times.

We offer customized programs for your company

For Leaders when they want to:

  • Drive change and inspire and engage their workforce
  • Re-spirit corporate culture after mergers, downsizing, and leadership change
  • Increase intact and cross-functional team effectiveness, collaboration, and cooperation

For Human Resource/Benefits Departments when they’re looking to:

  • Align HR/Benefits and Corporate strategy
  • Offer career coaching and management programs for individuals and groups
  • Launch a company into Retirement Planning Strategies for Baby Boomer Employees

For Entrepreneurs when they need to:

  • Build business plan and growth strategy
  • Move from start-up to the next level
  • Manage growth and alignment of their family-owned business

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