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Breakwater Founder Jaye Smith was featured in this new article on the NBC News website about the rise of adults taking mid-life gap years, an idea Jaye and her associates at Reboot Partners encourage.

Usually seen as a tradition solely for young people before they start college, adults are wanting in on the growth and renewal that can be gained from “taking a breather from the track that they’re on.”  Of course, those in their mid-life have heavier responsibilities than young people – as always, our advice before taking time off is to start planning early and to build a network of support with family, friends, and colleagues:

“Once you’ve vetted it with the people who support your needs, planning is the No. 1 most important element of the whole process,” says Jaye Smith in the article.

Read the full article here with more quotes from Jaye, and then make your own plans for a mid-life gap year with our Reboot Your Life programs!